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Stompa update and the point of Instagram

I was going to give it a week before I gave my verdict on the new mattresses but i’ve had so many people ask that I decided to post sooner. The first night was a disaster and they were up and down as usual, with Ruari complaining that his new mattress smelt weird and Jack complaining that his mattress wasn’t as comfortable as Ruari’s (sigh). David googled the mattress and apparently as it settles, it does give off a smell, so after a little spritz of Chanel, he did eventually go off to sleep (expensive taste that boy), it was about 10.30 though. Standard. I spent the next day grumbling that we’d spent £400 to discover that mattresses are not the reason our two eldest boys don’t go to bed. However, that night, they did go to bed and they were asleep by 9.30. NINE-THIRTY! That is a miracle! The next night was the same, a lot less buggering about and fast asleep by 9.30. So fingers crossed, the mattresses were what we needed. I’m just hope i’m not speaking too soon…

I post on Instagram stories quite often. David does not get the point.
‘I don’t get why people do it. What’s the point of it?’
The thing is, there is no point, not really. I can see that from the perspective of somebody who goes out to work and is busy and important. But basically when you stay at home all day with the kids and you spend your time singing about old farmers, talking about minecraft, chivvying to do homework and picking up endless LEGO, it provides a bit of light relief. Don’t get me wrong, there are some wonderful moments in parenting; as I write this it is snowing and i’m watching Tom stare out of the window in awe, it’s one of those moments that makes your heart swell but in amongst all those wonderful, heart swelling moments (of which there are many) it can sometimes just be a bit, well, tedious. The best way I can explain Instagram is like having somebody round for a coffee and a chat but you don’t have to tidy the house, you can sit in your slobby house cleaning clothes and you can get on with doing jobs around it. I like getting together with people for coffee and chat but sometimes whilst juggling the kids and going to my Mum’s (I go every two days), it’s just easier to do this instead. I post a story about something funny that’s happened or the kids being challenging and generally somebody messages back and we have a little chat. It’s just nice, it’s just easy and that’s the point of it for me I suppose. Sometimes I think about stopping because perhaps it is a bit ridiculous, maybe i’m a bit too old (!) or maybe people just watch to take the piss – I know there are a few people who watch who don’t actually like me in real life (why do they watch? If I don’t like somebody, I generally don’t want to look at them. Hmm. Weird.) but then, somebody will say ‘Oh I really like your stories. They make me laugh/I identify with them/I look forward to them. So I keep doing it for me but also for those people, all seven of them (who by the way, I appreciate very much *insert winky kiss blowing emoji here*) .

Click here to check out the Stompa mattresses, if you too are absolutely sodding desperate for an evening not spent running up and down the stairs twenty times. X

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