Sex & Politics

So Andrew Griffiths has resigned after cocking up and sending “text messages of a sexual nature” to two women, and by “text messages of a sexual nature”, I think it fairly probable that there was a dick pic in there . I couldn’t fail to be amused at his title “Minister for small business”. Did he use that as a chat up line I wonder? “I am the minister for small business. Here is a pic of my small business.” Or perhaps i’m doing him a disservice and he actually has a massive business. I don’t know. Though i’m sure if he has a small business, he would be unlikely to refer to it as so.

But what is it with all these sexed up politicos and their rampant appetite for shagging and extra marital affairs. Do you have to have a high libido and a wandering eye to work in politics? Coupled with a huge ego, something you undoubtedly need to be in politics, it’s a dangerous combination. I suppose it’s unfair of me to tar them all with the same brush, i’m sure there are many faithful MP’s, or at least far more discreet ones? But there is something so intertwined about sex and politics; Paddy Pantsdown; Jeremy Thorpe; John Profumo – OBVIOUSLY; Jeffrey Archer; and Bo-Jo, with three extra-marital affairs and a love child tucked under his (rather easily undone) belt.

It’s the spouses and children I feel for; Griffiths and his wife welcomed a daughter in April. What a terrible situation now for his wife, the last thing she needs in those first few hormonal months of having had a baby. Not that it would be pleasant to deal with at any time but when you have a ¬†little baby, can you imagine? Will she take him back? More than likely. It seems to me that if you marry an MP, you seem to expect it and must keep calm and carry on in a dignified manner.

The worst is when they keep it in house: Edwina Currie and John Major I’M LOOKING AT YOU! Gosh that’s not a mental image I needed.
If I hear Theresa May and Rees-Mogg have been at it, i’m leaving the country.

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