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January 1st

I woke up in quite a good mood and felt positive about the forthcoming year but my mood quickly soured when I came down to see the boys noses pressed to their tablets, David’s nose pressed to his phone and a sea of plastic covering nearly every surface. I have struggled to find space for the massive influx of toys the boys received this Christmas, there just isn’t TIME to find space because all the TIME is taken up PICKING UP THE BLOODY STUFF OFF THE FLOOR. I didn’t think it could be possible to be any more irritated at the amount of stuff lying around my house but I was wrong. I accept that children make mess, they have toys, that’s FINE but surely there needs to be a limit on the amount. Even before Christmas, I seemed to spend inordinate amounts of time picking up toys and now it’s just utterly ridiculous, so in 2019, I am CULLING! We just don’t NEED all this CRAP, I have nowhere to put it and i’m scared that i’ll end up spending 68% of my life picking up plastic tat (I don’t know where that percentage came from, I plucked it out of the ether. If you have something more mathematically correct, please let me know). I want TIME with the kids, with David and actually, rather importantly, some time to myself. I want some time to floss my teeth and remove the six week old nail polish on my toenails. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!

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