Ham and mince pies

Post Christmas I found myself freezing huge amounts of ham and trying to come up with various ways to use it in meals. David always goes a bit nuts around Christmas and buys enough food to feed a small army. For example, a huge ham and loads of mince pies. He came home with two boxes of mince pies two days before Christmas, you know when you just don’t want to eat any more mince pies because you’ve had enough, having been at them since the end of October.

I went to the butcher to pick up the ham.
“You do know this feeds forty people?” the woman serving me asks, obviously suspicious of why i’m picking up a ham for forty people for a lockdown Christmas.
“Er, yes. We just really love ham!”I say, completely unaware that David had ordered such a massive bit of pig. I did wonder if she was going to shop us to the police and throughout the Christmas period, I was slightly on edge that they were going to turn up and accuse us of having an illegal ham gathering.

“Gosh, it really is quite big isn’t it” David says with a mixture of pride and awe, as he unpacks the ham “Oh well, we’ll get through it. I love ham.”
“Yes but remember, we are going to your parents’ for Christmas lunch so will not actually be eating this on Christmas Day.
“Well yeah but it’ll last us through the rest of Christmas.”
“And the rest!”

And so ham week wore on. It was delicious and I enjoyed it but even I have a limit of how much ham I can eat and how many ways of making it into meals I can come up with.

We had:
Ham, egg and chips

Ham sandwiches

Pasta with ham and peas in a cream sauce

Macaroni cheese with, yes, you’ve guessed it, ham

Chicken and ham pie

Ham and egg pie

Crepes with ham and gruyere

I can’t think of anything else but i’d love to hear suggestions because I have a freezer FULL of ham. As well as eighteen mince pies, which i’ll probably get fed up of hogging space in the freezer and sling them in the bin around May. Answers on a postcard?

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